We provide self-service accelerated document review.
Our platform empowers legal professionals to focus on what truly matters while we handle the heavy lifting in the initial review phase. We combine the efficiency of AI with the expertise of senior-level legal advisors to expedite deal execution. This translates to quicker turnarounds and substantial cost savings for your team.

We deploy AI in a context for which it's well-suited: analyzing complex language to extract the most critical terms and data in the same way a specialized lawyer would. Our unique and innovative approach significantly reduces the time it takes to review new legal documents and contracts.

Covenant's dashboards allow our clients to upload limited partnership agreements, track progress through our review process, and then easily access a summary without needing to consult a lawyer.
Our platform is an end-to-end solution.
We use our specialized knowledge of private equity funds to define the terms our clients want to see and we use AI to provide the answers in a predictable fashion.
Our platform incorporates a client's standards into our summaries. This allows a client to indicate which terms are good to go and which are concerning.
Designed by an experienced legal team, our interface is intuitive and easy to use, enabling your team to hit the ground running quickly and seamlessly without hours and hours of additional training.
Our groundbreaking pathway to efficiency reduces the costs of processing and reviewing long documentation, helping you achieve game-changing results.