Legal Expertise
+ AI

Dramatically reduce the time and cost of legal document review
Introducing the first AI legal assistant trained for investors.
In the world of alternative investments, the terms on which you invest matter, but an expert legal review can be costly and time consuming. We offer an end-to-end solution to analyze, compare, and manage all of your fund documents.

We developed our AI-powered tools to streamline the tedious phase of an initial pass, catching critical terms without delaying the investment process. Covenant's platform can digest long documents without losing sight of cross-references, nuanced language, or interconnected provisions.

We combine the efficiency of AI with the expertise of senior-level legal advisors to expedite deal execution.
Covenant Platform Features
AI isn't a substitute for hands-on legal expertise.
It's an “and” not an “or.”
Our groundbreaking pathway to efficiency reduces the costs of processing and reviewing long documentation, helping you achieve game-changing results.