Covenant uses ai-enabled playbooks and a comprehensive database of deal terms to seamlessly close commercial agreements.

Negotiate Confidently

Our negotiations are informed by market insight and knowledge of what works to close gaps. This allows you to feel confident in the results.

Close faster

Our proprietary process is powered by technology and deal data designed to learn from each negotiation. The more deals you do, the faster you can close.

Lower costs

We offer fixed fees that are significantly less expensive than outside counsel. By offloading your negotiations, you are able to free up in-house lawyers to work on other matters.

Smooth Growth

Our solution is fully scalable to be responsive to your business needs. This means that the ability to sign agreements is not a constraint on your growth.
Built by the team that created WeWork's negotiation framework, battle-tested on 500,000 membership agreements and 500 leases across 30 countries.
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